Women’s Cyber Security in Pakistan

Cyber Secure Women in Pakistan

Cyber crime is a global phenomenon. With the advent of technology, cyber crime and victimization of women are on the high and it poses as a major threat to the security of a person as a whole. Earlier there was not any substantial legislation to safe the woman online in Pakistan, recent Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016 has enacted which provides significant provisions to safe woman online and also offers a mechanism to apprehend the criminal who used information technology as tool for crime. The nature of information technology is as such, that accessible internationally the said act, gives a detail method for trans-border access as deterrence against cyber crimes. The said Act has termed certain offences as hacking, publishing of obscene materials in the net, tampering the data as punishable offences as well. Hence the grave threat to the security of women in general is properly covered by this Act. Endeavor in this booklet, to suggest the maximum measures of online safety and security to women. Information technology being tool in the hands of criminal become a potential threat against women. The best practical way to safe women online is to set up security precaution while being or communicating on internet.






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