Theorem of Electronic Access

Theorem of Electronic Access: Legal theory of computer access

 Authored by
Mr shahid Jamal Tubrazy

The aim of this booklet to examine technically, the word ‘computer access’, every online activity does not amount to ‘access’. The nature of cyber crimes substantially rely on ‘computer access’. To commit crime while using computer without accessing it may or may not fall in different category of offence and to access the computer simply amount to offence. Generally access means of approaching, entering, exiting, communicating with, but technically programs can access memory, which means they read data from or write data to main memory. A user can access files, directories, computers, or peripheral devices. Particularly, access often means to read data from or write data to a mass storage digital device. The word access has become more qualified with digital communication as unlike the word “act” in physical world is determinant of any activity irrespective lawful and unlawful, the world “access” is genesis of any action in the cyber space world. Theorem of access in digital world being an auxiliary to any digital system may be analyzed on practical methodology.




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