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Sometime, shortly after getting thousands of followers on Facebook, Facebook put the business page on schedule deletion which makes your heart just sink. There are certain steps to save Your Facebook Pages

Tips to save your page:

Here are some tips that night helps you avoid having your Facebook page deleted in the first place.

  1. Keep up with the updates:

We had been through the network’s Terms of Use with a professional Facebook agency, and though we were acting in accordance with their guidelines, not using Facebook ads to advertise our products, but promoting them from time to time on the page itself. Most people don’t bother to read terms and conditions. On Facebook, that could be a mistake! Facebook is strict with terms and policies.

  1. Run your competitions

Competitions are a fantastic way to gain followers, but they have to be through right:

You need to use a third-party app to run your competition. You can’t use Facebook Likes as a voting mechanism. You can’t broadcast Facebook winners through Facebook. A substitute to running a Facebook promotion is to post a link to a competition you’re holding off Facebook, adding the disclaimer, “This promotion is in no way sponsored, endorsed, or administered by, or associated with, Facebook.”

  1. Don’t upload Copyrighted Protected Material:

These days, everyone shares images on social networks. However, if someone complains about some material you have shared, you could find your post deleted. Check that anything you share is available for public reuse before you publish it to Facebook.

  1. Get your Cover Photo Appropriate

Facebook cover pages can’t:

include calls to action (e.g. “Buy Now”)

include contact details

contain prices

contain text that invite people to Like or share the page.

  1. Get your Facebook Appropriate Name:

Facebook name should not be nonspecific, use excessive capitalization, contain character symbols, or use “superfluous” descriptions.

  1. Create Multiple Page Administrators

Choose multiple page administrators but those should be trustworthy, your page administrators will also have the ability to delete you, the page creator.

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