Requirements to Be Verified Badge

Requirements Verified Badge


If you have an eligible account for filing a request for Verified Badge, How do you request and submit a request via the contact form, there are certain requirements to be verified badges, here are guideline you need to follow;

Note:  If you do not see this menu option or if the contact form doesn’t appear, your Facebook account is not eligible to request a verified badge.

The Requirements Verified Badge in blue color appears next to a Facebook Page or profile account’s name. It means Facebook has confirmed that an account is the authentic presence of the public figure, celebrity, artist, or global brand it represents.

What are the mandatory requirements to apply for a verified badge?

Facebook looks at several aspects when assessing Facebook accounts to determine if they are in the general public interest and meet Facebook’s verification criteria.

In addition to succeeding Facebook’s terms of service, your Facebook profile account also needs to be:

  1. Trustworthy:

Your Facebook account must embody a real person, registered business, or legal entity.

  1. Distinctive:

Your account must be distinctive in the existence of the person or business it represents. Only one Facebook account each person or business may be verified. Facebook don does not verify general interest accounts.

  1. Comprehensive:

Facebook requires your Facebook account must be active and have an about section filled appropriately a profile picture, and at least one post.

  1. Noteworthy:

Your Facebook account must signify a well-known, frequently searched person, brand, or entity. Facebook reviews accounts that are featured in news sources, remember Facebook does not consider paid or promotional content as sources for review.

Bear in mind that if you deliver false or misleading information during the badge verification process, Facebook may hold further process and may remove your verified badge and may take additional action to delete your account.

Note: If your Facebook account does not fulfill the criteria for a verified badge, there are other ways to let the public know it’s reliable. Like, you can link a Facebook account from an official website, Instagram profile, or Twitter account, etc.

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