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maxresdefaultIn pursuant to new Facebook rules, Facebook allows anyone with a Facebook account to create and Manage Multiple Facebook Pages. So if you are running a digital marketing agency and you are in charge of numerous brands, it can definitely be wrecked.

Fortuitously, there are two great arrangements to help manage the pages:

Facebook Business Manager Account:

Let’s take a look at how they work now.

How to manage multiple Facebook business pages with Hootsuite, for help

Before you jump, you need two things:

A Hootsuite account in order to access the dashboard.

Multiple Facebook business pages you want to manage, for help

Then move onto the first step.

Phase 1: Add social networks:

After creating an account, get to your Hootsuite dashboard. For help

Hootsuite dashboard

Click on Get Started under “Browse all Streams.” It will take you to the field where you can associate your social media networks. Add a stream in the Hootsuite Dashboard

Click on Connect with Facebook for now. You can always add more networks later.

A window will pop up for you, where you can connect with the Facebook account you want linked with your Hootsuite dashboard. For help

Phase 2: Connect a Facebook page:

At this stage, you can also select which pages you want to run, add a Facebook account to your Hootsuite Dashboard.

Link the Facebook pages you’d like to see on your dashboard.

You can add an unlimited number of Facebook Pages to your dashboard with a Hootsuite Enterprise account.

Phase 3: Add a stream:

Click on adding Tab from your dashboard. Adding a tab in Hootsuite

Now, you’ll be able to add streams, which are all the different types of content from your pages. Choose the content you want to see from your page. Once you do, they will look on your tab. Hootsuite dashboard Platform showing user’s timeline, messages, and “my posts” streams or you can create multiple different tabs committed to your individual Facebook pages. You might want to keep all their page content separate. Facebook Business Manager allows you and your team to manage multiple Facebook business pages while giving you a integrated place to manage all of your Facebook relevant marketing ventures.

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