Unpublished Facebook Page Re-published

Unpublished Facebook Page Re-published


There are a lot of people who are looking for a method to get their Unpublished Facebook Page Re-published. There is a method that can be used and get pages republished. This method assures to work fine. By following steps,  an unpublished page can republish.

Step One:

The tiresome part, Facebook page users need to delete every single post, photo, and video on that page. Every single post from pages that are years old let says 3 years for example you need, at least to delete 2 to 2.5 years back of posts.

Step Two:

After deleting all the posts, photos, and videos from the page you will wait approximately two weeks for the Facebook unpublished to re-published the page.

Step Three:

You are required to send an email from the email linked with your Facebook account. The context and matte of the email should be as following;

Email Subject to Facebook:

“Appeal a Page Policy Violation”

Email body:

To whom it may concern,

My page of ‘A’ years/month old has been unpublished for ‘B’ amount period of time, I believe that this has happened mistakenly or abruptly, I would really appreciate it if you could visit my page “page link here” to check this issue currently being faced by me.

I respect and follow Facebook terms and conditions and went over all rules and I will follow all rules to keep the Facebook community as we all respect and appreciate.

Thank you very much Facebook team and keep up the worthy effort.


Your name ‘XYZ’

Step Four:

Send this message to help and support

Step 5:

Wait 2 – 4 days sometimes sooner for an email reply back by Facebook.

in any event, Facebook does not reply within five days, you have to reprocess the same process as described above in detail.

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