Guidelines for Hacked Pages

Guidelines for Hacked Pages
Guidelines for Hacked Pages

Facebook pages being valuable online assets are always vulnerable to hackers. Facebook provides security measures for business pages that are different from Facebook profile accounts.  Facebook assigns users complete control over their pages. Users can add admins, editors, moderators, advertisers, and analysts without any intervention in the discretion of their page. Page owners after recovery of the hacked Facebook page may improve security measures by following Guidelines for Hacked Pages;

1. Question: What page owner should do after recovery of a hacked Facebook page?

Answer:  As soon as you recover your Facebook hacked page, review all page settings including business manager and ad account, if there is a hacker account leave it (on leave icon) or remove it.

2. Question: Whether there should be more page admins to save pages from hacked?

Answer: Yes, there should be more Facebook page admins than one; make sure that you have always more than one Facebook page admin. In case you are the sole admin and your Facebook account has been blocked, you can lose control over your page.

3. Question: Explain the control level rights of Facebook pages?

Answer:  Control the level of rights may mean, for example, your support person doesn’t need publishing rights and a colleague from the Business Intelligence department will be perfectly fine with only analytical rights.

4. Question: How is it important to update the Facebook page role section?

Answer:  Update section page roles regularly. You might forget that you once gave page access to a graphic designer to upload a new cover image, or that your community manager who has left the company six months ago still has access to your page. Make sure that your Facebook page managers are always up-to-date.

5. Question: Whether every page admin or role should educate about Facebook page security?

Answer: Educate your staff members about secured login into their personal accounts. At the end of the day, they use their profile to access your Facebook page.

6. Question: Whether a third-party application helps to control the Facebook page?

Answer: If you cooperate with an agency or freelancers, use third party applications to moderate Facebook conversations. In this way, no one will have direct access to your Facebook page and you can better control every kind of content is being published on your behalf.

7. Question: Is a two-factor authentication is a strong tool for Facebook pages?

Answer: Yes, two-factor authentications is a strong tool for Facebook accounts and Facebook pages. It saves and helps Facebook page from any unauthorized access.

8. Whether to give Facebook page access to someone is dangerous?

Answer:  Don’t give access to the Facebook page to anyone except, trustworthy person with whom you have pre-settled arrangements on specific terms.

9. Question: Should all posts and contents uploaded by hackers be removed instantly after the recovery of the Facebook hacked page?

Answer: Yes, all posts and contents even other changes done by hacker should be fixed slowly not instantly, better you take 24 hours to do this. Facebook page name setting s changed by hackers may take three days or time to change with the previous original.

10. Question: Whether after recovery of the hacked Facebook page, does it recover completely?  

Answer: Yes, often Facebook hacked page is recovered but sometime after recovery of page, the page may be under observation of the Facebook security team, it is better to wait 3/5 days for the restoration of all features.

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