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These removal OR Add options are available at people section in the business manager ofFB Business Manager Account. To remove someone from a business manager account is a little simple as compare to remove yourself from a Facebook business manager account, as it is tricky to remove yourself from a Facebook business manager account.

Go to a business manager account, the home screen would be appeared there, at the top right corner, there is a business setting button in blue color, click this button

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The default page will open, you will see, how many people and pages are there, now if you want to remove anyone excluding you

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You have to click on the name of the person (whom you want to remove) now, new page open and on top right corner very next to “Edit” icon, as soon as you click the three-dot button, remove option will appear, now you can remove that specific person from Facebook business manager.

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As soon as you remove that person, he cannot access the Facebook business manager account or add an account or page anymore.

Now, if you want to remove yourself from the Business Manager account, go to the left where the user option is available now to get the last option “Business Info”

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Now, business info will open and appear, where you can find all your information like address, phone number, and ID number, etc

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Little below at “My Info” you will find the “leave user” button now click that button as soon as you click the left button, a small window will appear, when you finally click that leave option you will lose access to pages, ad account, and business manager account.

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