Facebook Pages Protection Methods

Protect Facebook Pages
Facebook Pages Protection Methods

Identity hackers find, Facebook, a moneymaker for fraudulent schemes, and they are targeting Facebook accounts and Facebook pages more than email accounts now. Great numbers of people are entirely unaware of the sensitive information on their profiles that is available to hackers, and it is this unawareness that is leading to more accounts and pages being hacked every day.   Here are practical Facebook Pages Protection Methods.

  1. Never put your date of birth on your Facebook account

First tip as Facebook Pages Protection Methods, Posting a happy birthday may cost a serious security risk that it presents.  Any additional piece of info that a user puts in a profile is something a thief can use to access an account or even steal a user’s identity.

  1. Have extra contact email

The Second tip, as Facebook Pages Protection Method,  as if the email that you post on your Facebook account, hackers will be able to get into your Facebook account as well as your email account, so if you have only one email account you will be left marooned.  You should not post your email address on your profile.

  1. Don’t use the same password on multiple accounts

The third tip as Facebook Pages Protection Methods, People use the same passwords for different accounts.  This presents a serious security risk, as a hacker only needs to get enough hints to figure out your password before they have access to your online presence. Use different passwords for every account you have online, and make those passwords hard to predict.

  1. Be alert when someone asks for money on Facebook

Hackers practice user’s accounts and using their Facebook friends to get money transfers.  Some will even make it sound urgent, but there are scammers that use this tactic to fund their tricks.  You should call your friends who are asking for money and see if their account has been hacked before you do anything.

  1. Change your privacy settings to secure your private information

You should not in any way permit your friends to see your private information because you never know if they are your true friends or not.  In fact, most identity thieves end up being friends or family.  But under privacy settings on Facebook, you can control who sees your email address, age, relationship status, etc.

  1. Accept friend requests from familiar friends

Often scammers will pretend they are a friend of yours from school so they can get more access and information to your online account.  They may even steal your current friend’s picture data and start another account with that picture data and then request you as a friend.  Before you accept that next request just send a private message to them and inquire about something only they would know.

  1. Never allow using your online personal information for advertising ends

Final tip as Facebook Pages Protection Methods, You might have seen ads on the sidebar with your friend’s pictures and some products.  By default Facebook allows advertisers to be able to target their ads according to the user’s Facebook profiles, but you can change this if you want.

These are some basic security steps to help to protect your Facebook accounts and Facebook pages from hackers.

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