Facebook Pages Security Tips
Security measured to secure Facebook pages from hacking
Six Facebook Pages Security Measures:

To secure Facebook’s pages, Facebook is very active in securing the privacy of user’s information. Users who use the site to advertise and promote their products should remain alert. To meet safety concerns, there are six Facebook pages security tips, to keep user’s pages safe from hackers, identity thieves, venomous users, and untrustworthy employees.

1. As Facebook Pages Security Measures, Check Your Mail Twice:

You need to learn this first Facebook pages security measure, as there may be a suspicious email from Facebook allegedly asking your login information. You can easily check its validity by checking the sender’s email address to realize if it comes from Facebook. Now you need to confirm that the message was sent to the email associated with your Facebook Page. You need to examine the attached URLs. These would direct you to Facebook, which means it is safe to continue.

2. More Page Roles:

To manage your Facebook Page and to limit employee admin access, it is suggested to assign more ‘Page Roles’. Being the owner of your Facebook Page, you automatically become an admin. As an admin, you can assign more Page Roles. There are six Page roles for Page managers. They are links Admin role, Editor role, Moderator role Advertiser role, Analyst role, and Jobs, role Manager. Each role has a different Facebook Page managing powers. The Admin and Editor having the most. The Analyst role has the least. Through creating Page roles, you’ll be able to control which employees have access to specific powers as admin. You can keep a better trail of suspicious Facebook behavior from inside, this Facebook pages security measure amongst the mandatory steps to consider upon.

3. Mobile Confirmation as Facebook Security Measure:

One of the best Facebook Pages security is ensuring that your account is protected by two-step authentication through mobile confirmation. Two-step authentication is a new safety degree. It provides an extra level of security. It is typing a six-digit code sent to your phone into the account that you want to access. Users can receive two-step authentication over mobile confirmation for Facebook. You need to click the button in the top right corner of your profile. There is a “Settings”, option scroll down to the desired “Mobile” to enter your information. After entering your mobile number, go to “Security and Login” to set up two-factor authentication. Getting a mobile confirmation is simple. As Facebook security measures, it helps you reset login information passwords and other account information in the future.

4. Revise Your Privacy Settings:

If you click and open ‘Settings’ and scroll down to ‘Privacy’ on the left-hand sidebar, you can edit your privacy settings. Users can change information, as who can see future posts in the privacy settings. You can monitor, who can send you friend requests, and who can look you up using your email and phone number. Facebook’s private profile option is more suitable to elevate the page’s safety.

5. Keep Away Venomous Followers From Your Page:

You cannot avoid spamming on Facebook. Users can check and limit their activities. To prevent venomous people from constantly posting spam to your Page, you need to ban them. Banning option prevents Facebook page followers to comment, message, and like your Page. You can protect your Page and its fans from spam and harassment. If you don’t feel like banning is necessary and want to delete a comment, you can achieve this by checking over the comments, clicking on the three dots that appear to the right, and selecting “Hide Comment”. You will find the option to delete the comment or ban the user.

6. Moderate Disrespectful Contents:

An easy way to modify comments is through blocking words. Users can block any explicit word, any post or comment published on Page will not appear. Facebook Page Users can block profane content. He can turn on the Profanity Filter in the General Settings section of the Facebook Page.

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