Digital Assets Selling


Digital assets, synonymous known as digital content, are products that can be employed by an electronic handheld device or used online.  Selling digital assets has never been more exciting than right now.

Digital assets are contents formed electronically, and that exist as data held on a digital storage drive or computer system. However, items made by hand can become digital assets; handwritten notes become digital assets if they are scanned by a computer. Digital content might be auditory, such as a song or ring tone; it can include media like movies, online TV, or streaming video. Then there are entertainment options like online video games played via a gaming console, and sites that allow the creation of digital content. Finally, digital assets can be streaming downloads of any type: video on demand, YouTube Channels software, e-books, and more. Although the list is wide-reaching, it’s still just a sample of ever-growing possibilities. The opportunity to sell digital assets has never been more exciting than right now.

Potential Buyer of Digital Assets Selling

For Selling digital assets, your digital assets should be properly evaluated, in most cases parties themselves contact with intent to buy digital assets, as it is a common phrase that a goldsmith knows the value of pure gold.

In Process of Digital Assets Selling Determine Salability

It is you, who have to finally determine, whether digital assets are salable or not, YouTube channels technically are not saleable, though their way to make it saleable. YouTube prohibits the sale and purchase of YouTube channels or Uploaded videos. Whereas a Facebook page may be sold while transferring admin rights.

Hire a Cyber Lawyer

Embedded rights and obligations in digital assets need to regulate by express agreement. Now the law recognizes the legal status of digital property. Only a well I.T conversant cyber lawyer can encapsulate all recurring obligations through an enforceable contract. Through the internet, a competent cyber lawyer can be traced. Top 10 cyber lawyers in the world are trends on the internet to find a competent cyber lawyer.

Drafting MOU

In process of Selling digital assets, the principal duty of the cyber lawyer is to draft an MOU (memorandum of understanding). He may need inquiries from both the selling party and buying party. Keeping in mind all reservations from all parties,, he drafts MOU.

Delivery of Assets

The stage of delivery of digital assets may be crucial as assets and virtual, not physical, conversely, nature is quite volatile, hence it is recommended that the delivery of consideration of assets should be exchanged in the physical presence of parties with secure mood.

Dispute Resolution

It is observed that mediation or arbitration is an inexpensive and speedy system to settle the dispute if there is any. Redressal of grievances’ through court is quite lengthy of time and expense. Most cyber lawyers may play a vital role as mediators to settle the dispute in the sale of digital assets.




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