Cybercrime Report Application

Cybercrime Report Application

Here is the detailed method to file a cybercrime report application to ICLRC (International Cybersecurity Law Report & Consult).

ICLRC deals with every type of online abuse and cybercrimes. Even if you think someone is spreading hatred online, you can simply go ahead and report such cybercrimes to ICLRCC to get help and relief.

ICLRCR is acclaimed to provide highly secure and keep the privacy of cybercrime victims, who chose private-option cyber protection services. To fulfill legal formalities, it requires identity particulars, offensive data or contents, and supporting documents. It is very simple to report cybercrimes globally. But before we go ahead and explain the process, here are cybercrimes that you can report cybercrime to ICLRCR.

Types of Cyber Crime You Can Report

Here are some of the offenses that come under cybercrime (a list with all possible details is available here).


Revenge Porn,

Privacy Breach,

Leaked Viral Data,

Defaming Online Contents,

Untrue Viral Contents or Articles,

Social Media Fake Accounts,

Fake Pages,




Electronically Empowered Financial Abuse,

False Accusations of Blasphemy,


Gender-based Disgraces and Harassment,

Google Bombing,

Grooming and Predation,

Hate Speech,

Identity Theft and Online Impersonation,

IRL Attacks,

Mob Attacks/CyberMobs,

Rape Videos,

Retaliation Against Supporters of Victims,

Sexual Objectification,

Shock and Grief Trolling,

Spying and Sexual Surveillance,

Stalking and Stalking by Proxy,

Sexting/Abusive Sexting,





Unsolicited Pornography,

Cross-platform harassment,

How to Report Cyber Crimes?

To file Cybercrime Report Application, fill the form online: Go to this URL and submit your application online:

To file Cybercrime Report Application: Write an application with all possible details and your complete identifications (Name, Address, CNIC, and Whatsapp contact No.) and email it to this email address: [email protected]

How effective is it to report with ICLRCR?

Internet laws, social media rules, and policies work as codified laws, their implementation is more effective than international laws, ICLRCR ensures privacy rights on the internet and digital rights on social media. It is to be noted that the processing time of your application may be from few hours to few weeks as it matters in every different case, depending on the type of your report, but ICLRCR guarantees to solve your complaint.

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