Shahid Jamal Tubrazy

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Shahid Jamal Tubrazy is an Exceptional, Professional Cyber Crime Lawyer and Initiator of Public Interest Cyber Litigation for Digital Rights 

Shahid Jamal Tubrazy, an experienced law professional, dedicated to serving as a cyber lawyer, pioneer public interest cyber litigations for enforcement of digital rights. He is authored many books on cyber laws and digital evidence forensic. As an author of cyberlaw books, he is considered as authority to interpret legal lexicon concerning internet laws. Since 2005, he defined and explained much legal computer terminology, in academia, internationally; he is being referred to as an authentic source of cyberlaw information. He had conducted cyber law courses, successfully since decades ago. He has drafted and designed many cyber law educational courses and training programs.


Mr. Shahid Jamal Tubrazy as a cyber-lawyer, has first-ever, initiated cyber law public interest litigation for framing the cyber policies and civil digital framework of public institution’s stakeholders and state-owned institutions. With dedication and with a tireless passion to peruse to ends of his hard work, he awoke the public awareness and whipped the institutions to pound over the roar of digitization of the modern age.


While deliberating over Nation’s Cyber Security, he initiated to file public interest writ petitions in constitutional courts, wherein he also challenged the use of out-source information technology systems, rather the government switched computer systems, by a high cadre of officials in the government-industry. Spam and fraudulent mobile messages are cursed and are called cybercrimes, they really irritate even cause depression among the general public. In the interest of the public at large, he filed a public interest constitution writ petition in the High Courts. High Court admitted his plea and directed a mobile operator to stop sending spam messages to the general public without their prior consent.


The public feels annoyed to receive unregistered, male-orientated sexual medicine ads via messages, the SMS marketing companies even sent SMS without discrimination though there a tight barrier in society between males and females. Mr. Tubrazy again, via, cyber law Public Interest Litigation challenged these illegal sexual drugs. High Court directed DRAB to take appropriate action against this norm of this drug advertisement. In a couple of years, it was witnessed that all most every Social Media was loaded with anti-state posts and comments. There were posts against the judiciary and other state-owned institutions. S J Tubrazy filed a constitutional writ petition in the august Court to establish a cyber-security agency to moderate hate content on social media.


He believes, online criminal activity should be redressed online rather than burden the conventional court, which lacks technical understanding of the digital presence of offense of unseen perpetrators. He advocates to develop new A.L based tracking, tracing, and mapping of online criminal activity, he believes that cybercriminals may be punished via online technique by blocking their computerized identity, suspending their civil rights, terminating their online social media accounts, and restrict their movements.


He believes that it is our collective responsibility to make cyberspace women friendlier, the advanced computer technology provides easy earning countless venues to women. It is imperative to involve women in cyberspace’s main streamline. A confident computer literate woman can coup any form of cyber harassment and cyberstalking more quickly and efficiently.


He, frequently, appears on national wide popular television programs to share his highly valuable experiences. He is being considered a focal voice for developing secure and safe cyberspace for women. He is an expert with such an amazing capacity that he has solved, up to 40,000 cybercrimes cases, reported solely on his online websites and portals. He mostly provides free legal services to victims women of cybercrimes. As a cyber lawyer, by his online presence via social media accounts, he harvested global recognition and reaped the handsome strength of clients of celebrity figures. When any client finds no option to solve his problem, he always quotes, when there is no option left, an expert cyber lawyer always finds one.


Shahid Jamal Tubrazy, is the prime example of that hard work and determination are the main aspect to be successful in any professional field, your age, background, and other hurdles are secondary because if you have these qualities of commitments and servings, all the shortcomings are covered and you keep moving ahead as human precedent.

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