Cyber Crimes Report

Cyber Crimes Report

Cyber Crimes Report, precisely calls (CCR) is an online counseling and online crime reporting center.  It is founded by veteran experienced cyber lawyer Mr. Shahid Jamal Tubrazy. CCR helps victims online. It redresses the complaints of victims relating cybercrimes, online fraud, online harassment, and cyberstalking, viral sensitive data, viral of nude data, viral of objectionable data, fake social media account, hacked social media accounts, and cryptocurrency crimes.       

Cyber Law as a Tool:

Cyber Crimes Report receives hundreds of cybercrime complaints online. With the help of the cyberlaw tool it always successful to redress any complaints within a short time. Gradually, cyber law emerging is a strong tool to solve complaints on the internet. Cyber Crimes Report responds to every complainant quickly whereas it assures to provide quick relief as well.

Easy Way to Report:

Cyber Crime Report makes it very easy to report cybercrime activity. Any victims with its true identity particular can report cybercrime here. There is a dedicated website with all minor details, introduction, and guidelines to report cybercrime to Cyber Crimes Report.

No Hacking Services:

Cyber Crime Report does not provide any hacking services, since in its bylaws it considers illegal. CCR does not provide any information on its internal framework.  It does provide tracing of information of cybercriminal subject to its terms and conditions with the prior consent of the complainant. To trace the information of criminal its hires specified software upon approval desiring party.   

Fake Report:

CCR observed people with a personal grudge and prejudiced try to registered fake cybercrime reports, CCR considers it highly unethical therefore discourage it. Under the provisions of penal laws, it is crime to report fake compliant. Cyber Crime Report is not official law enforcement hence it does not provide any services to investigate or arrest anyone. Cyber Crime Report is a private limited consultancy institution that provides legal consultancy and objectionable data removal services.     

Consultancy Services of Cyber Crimes Report:

Cyber Crimes Report runs its consultancy services subject to provisions’ of the laws of the land, therefore, is always to try to secure the personal identity and all information involved in criminal activity. It never discloses its process, findings, and any piece of evidence to anyone.

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