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It is talk of the town that, people are using their Facebook fan pages to grow their businesses. There is the quickest, easiest way to set up a Facebook fan page that ensures to generates likes, email leads, and promote sales. Following are easy steps to create a fan page;
  1. Visit

When you visit, click the green “Create a Fan Page” button in the upper top right. Then the select category of your business is Local Business, Company, Firm, Organization or Institution, Brand or Product, Artist, Band or Public Figure, Entertainment, Cause or Community.

This information may be different depending on which category you select. For example, if you choose “Company, Firm, Organization, or Institution”, you will be requested to select a sub-category and then to type your company name. in the end, don’t forget to click (I agree to Facebook Pages Terms), then click the blue “Get Started” button.

  1. Complete elementary information:

While create fan page, following this step, you will be asked to pick a profile picture, fill out you’re about section and set up your Facebook Web URL link. Be sure you pick an image that is 180PX by 180PX. Once you uploaded the image it will be shown on your fan page.  If you want to skip your picture blank, for now, it is ok to click the “skip” button for now. Subsequently, you’ll ask to fill out some basic information about your business.

  1. Admin role setting:

Simply the fan page administrators can see the admin role. The administrative panel highlights essential parts of your page containing Notifications, new people who like your page, and page insights which tells you how well your fan page is running. Moreover, use the “Edit Page” navigation option to update your info or add new admins.

  1. Fill your page with relevant genuine content:

Now, you have your basic page set up. This step is what will certainly show how successful your page should be. You shall want to emphasize filling your page with status updates, objectives, images, videos, and real content that shares value with your fans and tells your brand story.

  1. Set up custom tabs to generate leads and traffic:

Subsequently, you have wonderful content through your Fan Page wall, start applying tactics to drive traffic and leads from your page. Following important tabs may focus on collecting email leads from your fan page, second may focus on capturing more traffic, and third may enable you to sell your products all through your fan page.


To create a fan page is always beneficial, it may help;

  1. Posts from your blog
  2. Blog posts or articles from other sources
  3. Images with quotes or memes
  4. Ask questions
  5. Give the scenes look into your business
  6. Give advanced access to your content
  7. Special offers for fans only
  8. Videos
  9. Contests or giveaways
  10. Anything that your fans would be interested in knowing about


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