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Nowadays every small business is now on Facebook. Now Facebook has harvested billions of users, small businesses use Facebook in a numeral of ways to promote services, expand businesses, increase customers, support, and boost their goodwill. Hereunder are some important methods you need to know About Facebook Business Pages to create a Facebook page or group.

Create a Facebook page or group:

The first step is creating a Facebook page for your business or brand. Pages are public blogs that let businesses and public figures connect with their fans and customers. Facebook users through their profiles just have to like a page to start following updates from the page on their news feed.

To create a Facebook business page, you should have a personal Facebook profile and follow Facebook instructions that appeared on the screen. When the user creates a page, Facebook will ask some questions, such as a category to describe your page, business name, address, and phone number. You also have the option to upload a profile and cover page photos.

It is recommended to embrace all the information you can so customers can easily distinguish your page and can find the information about your business.

Facebook Page sections:

There are a series of sections users can add to a Facebook page, but not every section will be a good fit for your business. Here are some sections you should fill out About Facebook Business Pages.


The About section on the Facebook page is one of the most important parts. It might be filled out with your address, business details, contact information, working hours and website URL link etc.


The Community page is where posts, photos, and videos from customers display. Customers can also check in to your store here. This is an attractive field for page users audience to interact and learn more about your business and company.


This Facebook page section is where all your updates and posts live. This is also the leading page users see when they visit your page.

Info and Ads:

This section is aimed to add transparency to your page. It shows your country location, admins, and followers any Facebook ads you’re currently running.


You can create event pages and promote upcoming events in this section. Once you create an event on Facebook, you can invite the Facebook community and share specific information about it all in one place.


You can post specific offers from this section. This is a good way to invite people to come to your Facebook page.


In the Photos tab section, your photo albums you have uploaded on your timeline.


This section shows all your posts, including timeline photos, videos, and updates.


In this section, customers can write a review and specify if they would recommend your business or services. Ratings show up at the top of your Facebook page. While you can hide the Reviews button, it provides valuable feedback to you and your followers.


You can add your catalog on this page, and users can buy your products directly from Facebook. Sales proceeds will be sent to your bank account.


You can cabinet your services on this page. You can add a photo of your fields, their name, pricing, and descriptions.

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